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Simplify Board Meetings & Management

Spend more time leading and less time wading through irrelevant material looking for the latest updates. With instant access to all board material, members are always across the latest information and documents.

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Board Management

A secure, cost effective and paperless board portal software solution that simplifies the administration and management of board processes for all members.

Access and Visibility

Anytime, anywhere, on any device

As a trusted provider of secure business platforms, Stellar understands the importance of universal access. To make it easy, StellarBoard has a unique offline/online feature which gives you the ability to work anywhere, at any time.

Users are able to have full use of the platform, including availability of all files and documents irrespective of the connection or type of device. Amendments are then updated once the user is back online. Users are able to operate across multiple devices, with the same levels of protection, visibility and control on desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


Security and Protection

Beyond the Cloud – Stellar Protect

Designed to provide a level of security that exceeds expectation, Protect is Stellar’s commitment to providing its own advanced proprietary encryption technology to all its customers.

Backed by Stellar’s own powerful advanced proprietary encryption technology Stellar Protect secures and protects data, information, and material from downloading, printing, or sharing by unauthorised third parties.

Watermark and date stamp technologies provide an added level of protection. Files are automatically date stamped with a unique traceable ID number and a user name applied.

  1. Advanced Proprietary Encryption Technology: Without authorised access, all data, information, and material is obscured.
  2. Stellar Encryption: Advanced encryption including single page decryption technology.
  3. Secure Access Privileges: With one point of authorisation, access can be controlled across organisation stakeholders and staff instantly, by individuals or groups.
  4. Locked Data Features: Enjoy complete control with the ability to lock down data, information, and material, restricting use and controlling visibility across a number of levels within the platform.

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