Stellar supports


  1. Simple agenda creation
  2. Create board packs in less than 2 minutes
  3. Amend any last-minute changes
  4. Take minutes in real time
  5. Notify users with custom messages
  6. Assign tasks
  7. Create polls
  8. Add, remove & edit users
  9. Create sub-committees and sub-folders
  10. Assign user permissions
Stellar supports


  1. Offline/online built-in annotations
  2. Vote on assigned polls
  3. Archive historical meeting files and access them within seconds
  4. Review & provide feedback on minutes
  5. Search for files & keywords in a board pack
  6. Update & complete assigned tasks
  7. User-friendly interface
  8. Unlimited training and support
Stellar supports

Executive Team

  1. Increase productivity by cutting administration time by up to 80%
  2. End to end encryption across all sensitive information
  3. Access audit reports
  4. Real time data at your fingertips, anytime anywhere
  5. Central file repository to store all documents with different access rights
  6. Top level functionality and security without the hefty price tag
  7. Unlimited training and support

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