Agenda Builder

Simple Agenda Creation

Create an agenda in minutes with a built in Stellar task tracker

  1. Bulk upload with greater efficiency
  2. Best Practice Template
  3. Auto-link documents, & set rules for reviewing action items
Board Pack Builder

Create board packs in seconds

StellarBoard create board pack fast which save you time and allows for stress-free and secure distribution.

  1. Create a single board pack made of supporting files
  2. Add late items and changes with ease
  3. Auto distribution once the Board pack is published
  4. Offline/Online built-in Annotation
  5. Secure messaging for all directors
Minute Taking

Take minutes in real time

Smart capture of meeting minutes

  1. Direct minute recording
  2. Assign and Track Actions
  3. Secure Distribute finalised Minutes with ease
Task Tracking and Monitoring

See what is going on!

Keep track, on task and leave no action behind.

  1. Auto-follow up
  2. Fully visible
  3. live tracking on progress
Voting and Polling

Keep your finger on the pulse with live Voting and Polling

Get a quick pulse of your audience

  1. Built-in voting for formal decision
  2. Cast and track voting/polling result
  3. Anonymous voting/polling
  4. Flexible voting system
  5. Focus on priority items within your organisation
  6. Automated reminder
StellarBoard Evaluation

Does your board culture and composition need an adjustment? Are policies and procedures following the necessary governance best practices?

StellarBoard Evaluation Tool helps your organisation answer these questions by putting valuable board self-assessment data at your fingertips, follow up by our Governance Specialist.

  1. Real-time reporting
  2. No more spreadsheets and paper documents
  3. Stunning visuals and reports ready visibility with Stellar secure environment

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