Bay Venues

Because Stellar provides full control over both access and what users can do with documents, confidentiality is not an issue.

By definition, audits involve documents — lots of documents. And they have to be the correct versions and be made readily available to auditors.

Bay Venues, a Council-controlled Organisation (CCO) in Tauranga, uses Stellar Digital Library to help prepare for audits and to save time and money during the audit process.

“As anyone who has been involved in audits knows, you are faced with what seems like an endless cycle of scanning, emailing, printing and replacing documents,” Bay Venues’ Glenda Dufaur says.

She says being able to make all document available in electronic form in a structured manner also significantly reduces the amount of photocopying required during the audit itself.

The massive reduction in the amount of emailing required for the audit also saves work and makes it much easy to keep track of files, she says.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

Under the Local Government Act 2002 Bay Venues, as a CCO is audited by the Auditor General and Glenda says her organisation’s Finance Team works closely with Audit NZ to plan carefully to make the process as streamlined as possible.

Bay Venues is able to assemble as much material as possible ahead of the audit and organise it within Stellar. She says that the teams are able to identify gaps in material ahead of the audit and address these before work begins.

“Because Stellar provides full control over both access and what users can do with documents, confidentiality is not an issue.

“A key benefit of using Stellar is that the auditors have to spend less time on site and are able to do more of the work from their own offices,” Glenda says. “This obviously saves both time and money.”

She says that because Stellar provides a flexible folder management and access structure, it’s easy to provide locations for the different types of information needed for the process.

This flexibility also makes it easy to add additional documents and replace versions where required.

Modernising meetings one boardroom at a time

Glenda says Bay Venues uses Stellar Board Books to manage their management and board meetings and finds Stellar a powerful tool to help with their communication and information sharing

“Whatever we use the programme for, it all adds up to less printing and photocopying of files and more control over our information.”